we can do our program as a plugin

This program can be easy to install on another's website.

and we can import and export everyone's entire or part of articles with XML technique.XML is must be used!

And,all kinds of documentation in our developing website should use XML as well,like http://argouml.tigris.org.In this way,the content can be communicated between any program which can support XML.

I insist an idea:the idea is first,and the technique is second!

Do you agree with me?

Please give your idea about what function should be included in our website(program).

2 thoughts on “we can do our program as a plugin”

  1.   We can make some specification of this kind of communication platform. e.g.:



         freedom man








            learning english



            learning english this communication tool





                read BoBing Grammar



                I have read 3 pages today.





                   come on



                  You have a long way to go.










      http://www.43things.com has built some of the virtual specification of these kind of communication style,but,it isn't a plugin style platform,and it isn't a open source platform.I think,if this kind of platform become a common communication tool style,like BBS,BLOG,WIKI...,it is no possible without the join of open source project.From this meaning,we can develope our project to one of "43things" style's plugin open source tool,a part of our entire learning platform.

      I think,the first important thing is impletement all the functions of 43things.com,of cource,it isn't enough,we will own our characters.From this viewpoint,I think we can put the user's feeling at first,the optimization of the program the second,especially,we haven't found a good designer in our team,maybe,it's my feeblemindedness.What a pity!

  2.  E.g.,DFWML Specification 0.2 in delphibbs.com:


      镜象服务器和离线阅读器与主数据库之间存在着数据通讯的问题,因此,需要制定标准的数据格式。这就是 DFWML。


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