make an analysis for File Sharing Module

  Last month,Spring Festival,everyone was busy,include me.And,I have spent too many time to choose a UML tool but not the UML itself.a failure.

  The only thing I have made is doing an analysis UML model for File Sharing Module.Detail information is in:

  This will be the last diary I writing here.

I have finished an analysis model demo

  An analysis model of File Sharing Module,it is used as a demo to explore the feasibility of UML modeling in our entire project.

  This model has placed into Share Tab of our QQ Group.its name is:filesharing_analysis_model.rar

Do you have any idea about it?This is my first UML model,please correct my error by any chance.

  It is only an analysis model,the design model base on it has not been finished.

  The progressing of our project is slow,but I think it will become better inch by inch.

Try several UML tool

1.Rose:powerful enough,but too complex,and is a commercial tool;

2.ArgoUML:a famous Open Source Engeering Project,but,it's too hard to use for me;

3.Poseidon Community V3.0,a commercial implemention of ArgoUML,stable and beautiful face,but is running slowly;

3.JUDE:A easy to use UML tool,it's community version has not any restriction.It can export javadoc,html,etc;

4.EclipseUML Plugin:a community version of it own the full function of JUDE,and is integrated with Eclipse very well.

the initial mind of mine is to use EclipseUML Plugin.

Until today,I only draw some diagram of 'sharefiles' module.the thing that I told to J_Key that I can do it need more time to do.The time in Spring Festival always are the busy days for adult but not for child,I am recollectting my happy childhood days.

config eclipse platform


2.eclipseuml Plugin-for eclipse2.1, can be used to draw all diagram in UML,there is function of forward and reverse engineering between java code and class's a community version.but for me is satisfiable;

3.tomcat Plugin;


5.import learndiaryV0.9.0.3 into eclipse project.

  The key is below:

  1).copy all the *.jar file in the 'lib' folder of learndiaryV0.9.0.3 into easyStruts requirement lib and all TLD file into easyStruts requirement TLD;

  2).package the files in 'src' into 'src\com\learndiary\website' folder,and remove this folder into WEB-INF folder;

  3).remove the resource file named to src\com\learndiary\website\;

the usage of 'any chance'

  Yesterday,I got a replying email from,there is a phrase in the email,It is 'any chance' in 'Any chance of a zip, or just the zargo?',I don't know the meaning of 'any chance'.

  I searched the internet and got some explaination.

  1.'what is your work exactly, if there is any chance for u to be interested telling me that?(一般人不会在交谈的开始就把自己的职业告诉对方),I think this is a euphemistic asking.(This sentence come from: any chance(ask or request some thing civilly)

   for example:Could you please lend me your car tommorow,by any chance?

  So,I have seen his meaning is:Give me a zip or just a zargo file.

A bad and good experience with ArgoUML

Yesterday,I could not open my sharefile.zargo file.the thing is below:

It showed error message below:

  Could not load the project file:/c:/.../sharefile.zargo Project file



  The console said:

  [Fatal Error] :19:-1: illegal XML character:    ￿.

  org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: illegal XML character:    ￿.

I hardly to decide to give up the idea of using ArgoUML.

I posted the error case to the think,it is as quickly as possible,I get the answer from this open source engineering project group.I have gotten two replies from this group since yesterday afternoon.It is making me happy.I feel this software maybe grow persistently.

  I think I can contribute this project in my way from my own standpoint.

learning english 音标

  The key of reverse-study english is writing the listening material.In order to master the pronunciation of a word,I am learning english 音标  these days.It's funny because the VCD of learning 音标  is designed for children.The leading word of the content is 'little friend...'.