The usage of "put"(L27 of NCE)

1.put up:

  He has put up the tent.

2.put down:

  Please put down this paragraph.


  You need not to go home,I have put you up.(?)

4.put up with:

  I cann't put up with this kind of things!

5.put on:

  I put my hat on and go to work.

6.put away:

  Put away your toy and go to bed!


(转帖)Origin of ArgoUML

This is the first announcement of ArgoUML I can see.

A log time ago, when ArgoUML was started as an open source project, I sent this first messge to the mailing list (which was then hosted at, later to be Before launching ArgoUML as open source, it had been developed as closed source at my university since 1995.


Subject: [argo-dev] ArgoUML Open-source Kickoff

Hi Argo Developers,

This is a very exciting time for me. I can feel a lot of energy building in the ArgoUML project. The argo-user mailing list is about to pass 1000 registered users. The argo-dev mailing list jumped from 0 to 11 members on the first day and I am sure that more people will be getting involved soon.

Let me just quickly state my vision for this project: ArgoUML is an open-source CASE tool with a very nice user interface. Current CASE tools suffer from being too expensive and too hard to use. ArgoUML will always be available at zero cost, and will have a user interface that is highly usable and that actively helps designers make better designs. ArgoUML will be pure Java, easy to install, easy to customize and enhance. This will be a big step toward making CASE tools available to individual developers, students, and the open-source community. An open-source UML CASE tool will also provide a working example of how to implement the UML standard that will undoubtedly influence the commercial CASE tool market.

I have worked on the technology and implementation of Argo/UML and it's libraries for the past four years as part of my Ph.D. research. That research builds on more than fifteen years of previous work on design support systems, critiquing systems, and human-computer interaction. ArgoUML is, in my eyes, a realization of the dreams of many smart people who have sought ways to support designers.

The current state of ArgoUML is extremely promising, but far from complete. I have worked on implementing ArgoUML itself for a little over one year with the help and support of several people at UCI. Most of the basic parts are in place, some parts are missing, some are only outlined, and much of Argo/UML needs revision and documentation. It is my opinion that within one more year Argo/UML can be a complete CASE tool that rivals commercial CASE tools in every aspect and surpasses them in many.

This is where you come in. The user benefits of the open-source approach are high quality at zero price. The responsibility of open-source users is to aid development by reporting bugs, requesting features, and contributing fixes and enhancements. The rewards of open-source development stem from personal knowledge of a job well done and the usefulness of the product. I also look forward to a strong sense of team pride, a little fame, and a lot of fun. Many of you are professionals who see the need for a free, high quality CASE tool. Others of you are students working on your first large project. If we each do our small parts the larger goal will be achieved.

The exact direction the project will take will be determinded by you, the contributing developers, as much as it is by me, the project leader. However, here are some initial tasks that are obviously needed:

More complete support for the UML meta-model and notation,

Implementation of missing user interface panels and elements,

Support for code generation in multiple languages (e.g., C++),

Better documentation and support for users,

Better documentation and support for developers,

Updates to the latest versions of JDK, XML parsers, etc.,

More support for design decision making (critics, checklists, etc.).

I intend to set up a "virtual office" for the ArgoUML contributors where we will list tasks and volunteer for task assignments, track progress, ask questions and share answers.

I know many of you have stated your interests to me via email, but now that the mailing list is set up and archived, please send a new email to argo-dev@old.old.old and introduce yourself and say what you are interested in doing. I'll go first...


Activity Diagram in multiple tiles system

For example,in a web based three tiles system:include presentation,business,data access.The activity diagrams can only convey the relations in a same tile,for example,it cann't convey the collaboration between presentation tile and business tile,it is the business of collaboration diagram.

This only my own opinion and needs to be proved.

"either"and"too","if"and "whether"

He has no green pen,I has no too.(ERROR!)->

He has no green pen,I has no either.

There are several places where cann't use 'if' instead of 'whether':

1.before infinitives:

  The question is whether to go or stay.

2.after prepositions:

  It depends on whether he's ready or not.

3.after noun:

  It's your decision whether you go or stay.

4.with "or not" in sentences like this:

  I asked him whether or not he is a doctor.

A girl should be a gentlewoman more

I think,a girl should appear a gentle face and with a tough-minded heart.This is my education principle to my two-years' daughter.

I found there are some different opinions about education for daughter between her mother and I,this need time to communicate,and,I think,these communication should choose the time that daughter is absent.Maybe,there will be a violent argument between us:)

make a quick review of Advanced Math

In order to learn Probability,I must make a quick review of Advanced Math.I found if I learn it carefully,it will take me a lot of time, and,to understand something in it at my first review is a bit difficult.So,the iteration method should be imported in my learning it.

After two weeks' tuning,I will start a new learning phase.

Finished PRE-TEST UNIT 2 of NCE

The same mistake always happens again and again for me in learning english.

1.Present tense can express an action always happens,but express an action always happened in the past time should use Past tense except in the direct speech which person said that in the past time;

2.The position of adverb to express frequency:

1)He always does this.

2)He must always does this.