an existant e-learning schema-SCORM

  SCORM-Sharable Content Object Reference Model,is an e-learning specification.It's I am looking for these days.This is the defination of it:SCORM

The SCORM is a collection of specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content. 

  We should study it carefully. 

found a Open Source project like ours exactly!

  Today,I found a Open Source project like ours exactly when I view the content of a open source UML tool named argouml at and

the main goal of this project is e-learning,exactly like our learndiary.the definite diffirent between these two is:e-learningcommunity implemented with PHP,ours is JSP.

  Maybe,we can move our work in this group.Because it own an integrated method for web development.

search a prototype for development process

  These days,I have been modeling a module named sharefolder,and prepare to continue the implement of this module to searching a prototype for our project development.

  When I finish this module,I will mail it to the member of our group to correct it,and we can get a way for developing that will be agreed by major in this way.

take MIMei to 补打预防针

    There are several times in the passing half an year,MiMei has not been taken to 打预防针 because she was in a not better health status then.Today,I took her go to 打预防针 with her two sister this afternoon,Friday,sunny.

    Doctor told me,we must take our daughter go to 补打预防针 every month later,there are five times need to supplemented.

New Concept English and BoBing Grammar

Lesson 94 Future champions accustomed to

2.Meanwhile,they should encourage those among us who cannot swim five yards before they are gasping for air.

present tense can be used in the status part of a sentence to express the future time.

Lesson 95 A fantasy

1.The Ambassador's wife went on asking questions,...

present participle is the status part of a sentence to express the result.

BoBing Grammar p29-p60

1.number of non-calculate noun

1).material noun:

oil:We export lubricating oils.

sand:the sands of the Sahara;

water:the waters of the Atlantic

2).abstract noun:

hope-hopes;a drink of water

2.the number of collective noun

3.He is in his eighties.

4.Man is mortal.

chapter 3 article

1.The stars were bright in a cloudless sky.

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chapter 3

3.9 fixed article can be used in single form and complex form special noun.

1)people name:the browns

2)place name:the United States

3)unit name:the National People's Congress

4)history period and event:the Iron Age

5)magazine,paper:the Times,the Lord

3.10 fixed article used in fixed phrase

It is certainly unreasonable that she should put the blame on you.

study developing method of our new platform

  SA/SD,OOP,COP,all is the developing method of a software project.But,which method should we take?and what fruits will be resulted in the end of analysis and design phase?I asked our member and advisor with these question,and got some reply last week.

  We have received few advice about global operating model of our new learning platform until today.I think,we should use all kinds of mean which include research table,bbs meeting,etc... to collect the system requirement.

<>chapter 11

  Today,I have learned chapter 11 of this book-I/O and control design.

I think the control design with our LD project,there are three tyies of user in our program,they are admin,register user,non-register user,and we should add another type of user is block-manage user.There isn't affair recording function in the current version of LD program,we should add it in our future program.

  The original resource of the input and output design is DFD or sequence diagram.

  The message that send by actors to the object in the system is the resource of input design.and versus,is the output design.

chapter 12 human-computer interaction

  this chapter is the extend of I/O in the chapter 12,and it throughs emphasis on the human self.From the standard point of user,the interface of application system is system itself.

  In this phase,the interface class has been imported,and it should be embed in the classes of question domain in the sequence diagram and other diagrams.

  I think,the jsp pages should be imported in the sequence diagram or other diagrams.

execute and support

chapter 13 RAD and developement base on component

  1.spiral development approach:the initial plan should include the global plan of whole project.

  2.I think,the jfc and j2se,j2ee and struts,hibernate are all the classes of object-framework,so the struts class should be imported at design phase.for example,the sequence diagram.

  3.There are only two typies of component framework,they are Common Object Request Broker Architecture(CORBA) and Distributed Component Object Model(DCOM) said in this book.But,is the EJB or JavaBean component framework?

chapter 14 execute and support

 from this chapter,I knew the key of success ERP is the people in the company.

  The future of ERP is the deep and wide integrity.the increase point are the supply-chain management and business intelligence.

  I think,there is BPR,should there be LPR(Learning Process Reengeering) too;there is ERP,should there be LRP(Learning Resource Plan) too.but,where is the LPR or LRP?They are in our!