Summary of MobileMate 0.1 and Ideas about Future MobileMate 0.2

MobileMate is a Bash script open source command-line tools and integrated in a self-starting Linux LiveCD, used for audio and video conversion. For details, see the project home page: Project goal is to make the open-source tools more useful, and explore a way to get benefits from open source projects. Over the past two years has basically completed the development of version 0.1, due to 0.1b1 has no necessary to improvement, so skip the official version 0.1, now is just for thinking about the design of version 0.2. This article is the summary of version 0.1 and the idea about future version 0.2.
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Install Debian 5 on an Old Computer

This is an obsolete old computer, probably 2004’s BIOS, Intel 865G motherboard, P4 2.4G CPU, Radeon 9600 128M graphics card, 1G RAM, 20G IDE hard drive. Here is a simple record of what I installed Debian 5(Debian Lenny) on this computer, and Torcs, ManiaDrive 3D racing game, AstroMenace 3D air combat game. And Google Chrome, Firefox browser, office software. Note this is simply records, maybe not very accurate.
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MobileMate-0.1b1 Released

This is the second public release of MobileMate video and audio converting tool. Based on MobileMate-0.1a42.1, the main changes of MobileMate as below:
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Use OOP Encapsulation Style Write Bash Script

OOP(Object-Oriented Programming), I am trying some OOP idea to make bash scripting more easier, easy to understand, modify and expand function in the Open Source project: MobileMate. There are three basic OO features: encapsulation, function polymorphism, and inheritance. Here only borrow its encapsulation idea. As a result, for a non-professional in programming, there are more layers, more classes, small class, small function, simple code, more tests in my coding.
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Some data in our computer can’t be lost, the most effective way is backup. This article describe some backup ways I have used. They are: incremental backup web host data, backup web host mysql data, backup Windows data with rsync server, backup Linux data into virtual machine hosted in Windows, using Linux software RAID 1 data redundance scheme .
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Convert video to DVD – the original of MobileMate

MobileMate is an Open Source project for converting video/audio, it is customized based on TinyCore Linux, use bash to glue some open source tools to finish its job. The detail see its home page: MobileMate: . There are many softwares for converting video/audio, why create a new one? Briefly, MobileMate is a demo project for easy customizing your own automatical coverting tool. Let’s see the original idea of this project below.
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Install VNC, SSH, Rsync server on Windows

This article records installing some softwares on Windows 7 Home Edition, so I can visit Windows from ohter computers. They are UltraVNC for visit Windows Desktop(No rdp server in Windows Home Edition ), Copssh for visit Windows through SSH, cwRsync for incremental backup Windows files.
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Leave comment need answer math now

For anti-spam, comment on this blog need do a simple math now. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

Install Linux on Asrock Z87 Pro3 Motherboard

It’s lucky, I have installed Debian Linux testing(Jessie) and Fedora 19 on Asrock Z87 Pro3 Motherboard successfully, with i7-4770 Haswell CPU, one single Kingston DDR3 1600 8GB memory,  two West Data WD10EZEX 1T hard disk drivers assembled as Linux software raid. This article is a memo note for me and intend to share for some people.
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MobileMate ready

MobileMate is an open source video and audio converting tool customized on Tinycore Linux, released under GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Although its initial is aimed for mobilephone video/audio converting. But it has been developing to a common video/audio converting tool for its powerful back-end open source tool Mplayer and Ffmpeg/Libav.

It use Bash to glue some open source tools such as MPlayer, FFmpeg(Libav), Zenity as GUI, Grep, Sed, etc., easy to modify fit your own needs.

The all detail about it: news, download, installation, using, and devloper’s corner, etc., see its website: MobileMate.

This is an experimental project, it uses TinyCore Linux livecd as a running platform. I need confirm an important question:

Integrate the tool into a livecd is a practicable way to deliver the software?


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