Install VNC, SSH, Rsync server on Windows

This article records installing some softwares on Windows 7 Home Edition, so I can visit Windows from ohter computers. They are UltraVNC for visit Windows Desktop(No rdp server in Windows Home Edition ), Copssh for visit Windows through SSH, cwRsync for incremental backup Windows files.


You can use the Windows Desktop remotely when don’t use it locally at the same time. I configure it through the firewall, but failed, so use firewall advanced configuration open a local port for UltrVNC. See also: Open a Port in Windows 7’s Firewall:

Copssh and cwRsync:

These two servers will be running use an administrator account user, newly created or existed in system already.

There are some tricks for using password visit cwRsync Server running on Windows.
“rsyncd.conf” in server side need set “auth users”, “serets file” and keep “strict modes = true”(the default value), the “secrets file” in server and the “password-file” in guest must only be readable by the user running the cwRsync server. I must mount the folder which include these two files under Windows with “acl” option(Windows’ acl need filesystem support, NTFS is ok, Linux guest need “chmod 0600 “). And, I think it is best to delete all other user’s permission on these two files.

The configuration file example in cwRsync server:


uid = nobody
gid = nobody
use chroot = false
hosts allow = *
transfer logging = yes
log file = rsyncd.log

path = /cygdrive/d/test
read only = true
auth users = testor
secrets file = /etc/rsync_scrt/rsyncd.scrt
strict modes = true





Mount the folder with “acl” option:
Append into: /etc/fstab

C:/Program\040Files\040(x86)/ICW/etc/rsync_scrt /etc/rsync_scrt ntfs override,binary,acl 0 0


Command line example to visit cwRsync Server:

rsync -avz --progress testor@ ~/test/ --password-file=/etc/rsync_scrt/rsyncd.pass





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