MobileMate ready

MobileMate is an open source video and audio converting tool customized on Tinycore Linux, released under GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Although its initial is aimed for mobilephone video/audio converting. But it has been developing to a common video/audio converting tool for its powerful back-end open source tool Mplayer and Ffmpeg/Libav.

It use Bash to glue some open source tools such as MPlayer, FFmpeg(Libav), Zenity as GUI, Grep, Sed, etc., easy to modify fit your own needs.

The all detail about it: news, download, installation, using, and devloper’s corner, etc., see its website: MobileMate.

This is an experimental project, it uses TinyCore Linux livecd as a running platform. I need confirm an important question:

Integrate the tool into a livecd is a practicable way to deliver the software?

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