MobileMate-0.1b1 Released

This is the second public release of MobileMate video and audio converting tool. Based on MobileMate-0.1a42.1, the main changes of MobileMate as below:

1, Code, comment and format optimization:

Rewrote the “MobileMate” main program(/opt/mobilemate) Follow the “Google Shell Style Guide Revision 1.25” (

2, Rewrote logging system:

Added “ERROR”, “INFO”, “DEBUG”, “TRIVAL” logging level. “ERROR” and “INFO” is always available, “DEBUG” and “TRIVAL” can be set in “conf/common.conf”, changed use a single log file to use the separate log file for every task.

3, Updated “” from version 3.98.2 to 3.99.5:

Old version will cause MobileMate always report encode failed message in spite of encode mp3 success or fail. Updated to new version fix this bug.

4, Enhanced output file naming:

Align digit in output file name, keep the original input source suffix in the output file name.

5, Added several options in “conf/common.conf”:

Can choose if backup task files(TASKBACKUP) and specify task backup directory (TASKBAKBASE), can specify log directory(LOGBASE).

6, Fixed some MobileMate main program bugs:

  • Fixed the bug of convert the video include subtitile stream to “mkv” file fail by disabled subtitle conversion temporarily;
  • Fixed “negative pad value” bug when choose Libav decoder sometimes;
  • Fixed wrong Display Aspect Ratio(DAR) bug when choose Mencoder decoder sometimes;
  • Fixed the bug when the specified section end before the splitting segment then converting will beyond the specified end time.

7, Fixed some MobileMate OS bugs:

  • Fixed the repository tcz package search function invalid problem (Caused by TinyCore Linux repository server side for old TinyCore) by modify ”/usr/bin/” and ”/usr/bin/”;
  • Fixed the bug of “appbrowser” interface internationalization bug, and this bug also cause tcz package search function bug;
  • Added “src/fltk_projects_unicode-3.7.1.modi.20140723.tar.gz”, it based on “src/fltk_projects_unicode-3.7.1.modi.20130618.tar.gz”, fixed package search bug, enhanced “”, added script of compile and install “fltk-1.3” in “Makefile” and “Common.Mk” for fix the bug of install “fltk-1.3-dev.tcz” from repository will cause “fltk_projects_unicode” build fail;
  • Added “src/flwm_topside_unicode-3.7.1.modi.20140723.tar.gz”, it based on “src/flwm_topside_unicode-3.7.1.modi.20130618.tar.gz”,added script of compile and install “fltk-1.3” in “Makefile” for fix the bug of install “fltk-1.3-dev.tcz” from repository will cause “flwm_topside_unicode” build fail.

8, Integrated “mirrors.tcz”, changed default mirror from “” to “”.

See MobileMate home page for detail:

Download page:

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