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  1.  I’m good at it. 我做这个很在行。

    第11楼:回复:每日一句:I\’m good at it.( 4.09 )

    I’m good at it

    I’m good at riding

    He is good at sleeping

    she is good at dancing

    we are good at sport

    witch 发表于 06-04-09 07:21  回复   投诉 管理

    第14楼:回复:每日一句:I\’m good at it.( 4.09 )

    I am good at it .

    I can do it well.

    I am an expert in this field.

    Believe me!

    I can handle it.

    janerfer 发表于 06-04-09 07:52  回复   投诉 管理

    第30楼:回复:每日一句:I\’m good at it.( 4.09 )

    cook?oh dear.i amn’t good at it all!做饭?哦,天哪,我对它一窍不通啊~

    安心 发表于 06-04-09 11:19  回复   投诉 管理

  2. I appreciate your invitation. 感谢你的邀请。[ 4.10 ]

    第6楼:回复:每日一句:I appreciate your invitation.( 4.10 )

    How about having dinner with me ?

       sounds greeat!

      I appreciate you  invitation .

    ts-linyi 发表于 06-04-10 05:37  回复   投诉 管理

    第22楼:回复:每日一句:I appreciate your invitation.( 4.10 )

    I appreciate your invition very much.But I sorry I’m so busy for my business.

    天南地北的人 发表于 06-04-10 08:00  回复   投诉 管理

    第48楼:回复:每日一句:I appreciate your invitation.( 4.10 )

    I appreciate your invitation.

    I thank you for your invitation.

    It’s kind of u inviting me

    幸福的sandy 发表于 06-04-10 09:38  回复   投诉 管理

    第77楼:回复:每日一句:I appreciate your invitation.( 4.10 )

    i appreciate your invitation.but now’s bad time.we’ll have another time later.

    安心 发表于 06-04-10 13:07  回复   投诉 管理

    第85楼:回复:每日一句:I appreciate your invitation.( 4.10 )

    i aareciate your invitation, if i am free later, i must be there i think, thanks a lot again.

    rambostar 发表于 06-04-10 14:15  回复   投诉 管理

  3. Did you have a nice holiday? 你假期过得愉快吗?[ 4.12 ]

    第2楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    A:Did you have a nice holiday?

    B:It’s too bad! Because of my girlfriend say “bye-bye!” with me !

      since that day —-the sky turn gray!  —-The life becomes a complete mess !  W~~~W~~~~W~~~~~~~!


    南极冰峰 发表于 06-04-12 01:22  回复   投诉 管理

    第10楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    oh ,it’s such a perfect time for me.


    mayyeung 发表于 06-04-12 08:06  回复   投诉 管理

    第27楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    No,I am sorry because usually  I have not enough time to have holiday.A week we have only one day to rest,but sometimes I very much  am likely to have  a holiday only to enjoy the good day in my dream.Who can help me?


    christina su 发表于 06-04-12 09:12  回复   投诉 管理

    第41楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    Did u have a nice holiday?

    Yes,it’s so nice,:)

    It’s a special expearance to me.


    幸福的sandy 发表于 06-04-12 10:27  回复   投诉 管理

    第51楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    Just so-so, where are you going at 1st,May


    Angela Wu 发表于 06-04-12 11:37  回复   投诉 管理

    第60楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    Sample Text

    If you say whether I have a nice in the past ,The result is yes .But I don’t have a nice vocation now for my test .I should prepare for my medical master .And do wish me good luck .


    kaizen_1 发表于 06-04-12 13:37  回复   投诉 管理

    第75楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    the press of work make me feel very exhausted,i want to trip to relax myself,so wo expect labor day arrival hurry.


    我是宝玉 发表于 06-04-12 17:37  回复   投诉 管理

    第76楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have a nice holiday?( 4.12 )


    i hope everybody come here can improve english, if you english very good you can help or solve others question ,our english leval affirmation raise! welcome you come here !


    我是宝玉 发表于 06-04-12 17:45  回复   投诉 管理

  4.  Did you have fun? 你玩得开心吗?[ 4.13 ]

    第86楼:回复:每日一句:Did you have fun?( 4.13 )

    Yes,I did.

    I went to jiuzaigou with my family last week.

    jiuzaigou is very beatiful.

    We had fun .

    军旗飘飘 发表于 06-04-14 07:12  回复   投诉 管理

    第91楼:have fun

    we had joy

    we had fun

    we had seasons in the sun !!!

    shoneroamgray 发表于 06-04-14 09:39  回复   投诉 管理

  5. Please leave me alone. 请别打扰我。[ 4.14 ]

    第22楼:回复:每日一句:Please leave me alone.( 4.14 )

    please leave me alone !

    ok!whenever you want to talk something with me ,please feel free to call me .

    i will alawys stay with you .

    a lian 发表于 06-04-14 08:30  回复   投诉 管理

    第49楼:回复:每日一句:Please leave me alone.( 4.14 )

    I’m tired.pls leave me alone,ok?

    寂寞的流萤 发表于 06-04-14 09:35  回复   投诉 管理

    第74楼:回复:每日一句:Please leave me alone.( 4.14 )

    i was reading,my son and my hasbend always interrupt me for their play,it made me angry,i told them please leave me alone.

    yinfang 发表于 06-04-14 10:30  回复   投诉 管理

  6. Could I have the bill, please?( 4.15 )


    第2楼:回复:每日一句:Could I have the bill, please?( 4.15 )

    can i have the bill,please? i’d like to know whether you made a mistake or not

    feimeng 发表于 06-04-15 09:39  回复   投诉 管理

  7. I wasn’t aware of that.


    第22楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t aware of that.( 4.16 )

    猪猪学英语 发表于1145163343  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    oh ,i am sorry

    the glass was boken.

    i wasn’t aware of that

    because i am shortsighted

    第36楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t aware of that.( 4.16 )

    络绎飞花 发表于1145176700  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    I wasn’t aware of that I have lost such a good friend


    第39楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t aware of that.( 4.16 )

    Girl绚雨 发表于1145180856  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    I wasn’t aware of that I have done so many stupid things;

    I wasn’t aware of that my friends have gone one by one;

    I wasn’t aware of that I feel so lonely. 

    第52楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t aware of that.( 4.16 )

    1980Ivan 发表于1145196071  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    A:I’m sorry!I wasn’t aware of that.

    B:Forget it!It’s not use to apologize.Just give me all your money.

    第61楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t aware of that.( 4.16 )

    juju2006 发表于1145236584  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    Everybody is aware of the importance of education now.

  8. You can say that again. 我同意。[ 4.17 ]

    第13楼:回复:每日一句:You can say that again.( 4.17 )

    susangxm 发表于1145232896  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  



    英语翻译真是花样百出呀!!!  第14楼:回复:每日一句:You can say that again.( 4.17 )

    猴儿pyl 发表于1145233234  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    The project is wonderful.You can say that again. 

    第95楼:回复:每日一句:You can say that again.( 4.17 )

    天南地北的人 发表于1145252772  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    Why are you confused about it?Only because of ‘you can say that again means I agree’? It’s a country mile from thinking in English.You’re all wet.The sentence is true.

  9. I wasn’t born yesterday. 我又不是三岁小孩。[ 4.20 ]

    第56楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t born yesterday.( 4.20 )

    lanbaihe 发表于2006-04-20 09:29:26  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    I wan’t born yesterday!Please do not have to use this kind of expression to speak with me~


    第59楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t born yesterday.( 4.20 )

    美酒 发表于2006-04-20 09:36:50  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    i wasn`t bor yesterday.我不是小孩子了(我不是昨天出生的、我不是三岁小孩)

    i can manage myself.我能管好我自己。

    you may rest assure.放心吧。

    第140楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t born yesterday.( 4.20 )

    Jenny Wu 发表于2006-04-20 19:05:15  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    Sample TextSample Text

    Yes,I wasn’t born yesterday,so don’t blame me like that!When you ordered me to become someone you like,you should know that it’s not useful for me! I, am only myself!…

    第155楼:回复:每日一句:I wasn\’t born yesterday.( 4.20 )

    集集小屋 发表于2006-04-20 22:38:53  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

    don’t tell me how to do this and how to do that.

    i wasn’t born yesterday

  10. Please accept my apology. 请接受我的道歉。[ 4.23 ]

    第67楼:回复:每日一句:Please accept my apology.( 4.23 )

    海峰的mummy 发表于2006-04-24 07:46:40  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

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    would you like a cup of tea? oh,my dear,i forgotten to buy the tea.there is no any tea home.

    please accept my apology.

  11. Keep the change. 不用找了。[ 4.24 ] 

    第44楼:回复:每日一句:Keep the change.( 4.24 )

    天南地北的人 发表于2006-04-24 09:06:09  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

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    “Here is your change.”

    “Keep the change,please.”

    I gave the snack boss one yuan to buy an egg yesterday and he gave me five mao change.When I said like that,all the people around the snack looked down on me .I was very shy at that time.

    第68楼:回复:每日一句:Keep the change.( 4.24 )

    柳絮 发表于2006-04-24 10:36:20  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

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    OK, as your wish.Keep the change.Perfect! I want to meet more customers like you sir!

    第100楼:回复:每日一句:Keep the change.( 4.24 )

    janerfer 发表于2006-04-24 14:18:55  回复  |   投诉  |  管理  

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    do you think you are very rich?

    keep the change for youself.

    i needn’t your tip. 

  12.  It slipped my mind. 我不留神忘了。[ 4.30 ]




    滑倒, 事故, 片, 纸片


    滑动, 滑倒, 失足, 减退


    使滑动, 滑过, 摆脱, 闪开, 塞入


    滑动的, 活络的, 有活结的


    Serial Line Interface Protocol, 串行线路接口协议, 是旧式的协议

  13.  Can I take a rain check? 你能改天再请我吗?[ 5.11 ]

     rain check:[非正式,尤美](保持以后索取权利的)暂时拒绝

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