restart english diary writing

The spare in the past month, I was doing some changing on website: relocate our website, rewrite the homepage, do the 301 redirection, cut the old struts dynic navigation system, and rewrite the navigation system of website, etc..

So, I almost forgot writing english diary, even learning english in any way.

Engish is a very useful tool, this can't be changed, must learn it persistly.

How to learn it?

1, Learning some thing about program which written in english, like Eric's Thinking in Pattern. I have ever known a famous game programer named "Feng Yun" haven said:"If you want to learn a program techniqe, a best way is to read a relative book written in english." He says: In this way, you must study every part of the book. I think he is right.

2, See some english film and TV program, I have mete a method at;

3, Restarting reading yahoo news at my mobile phone through GPRS.

There are many ways to do a thing, but for me, maybe the simplest way is the best way for me. The persistent is the most important thing, not only for learning english.

I found a way for promoting LearnDiary and learning english

Two years past, I suddenly found may be the key of LearnDiary's lacking hot.

The key is no a specialized location for website, so no the specialized friends participate this website.

So, I am doing some changes these days, I think the work I have finished the most part.

Another found for learning english, I found a method of learning english at website:, it is saying, he, you can learning english well by see film. I will try it, is it a real way for me to learn english? Only the time can answer.

Happy these days!

where is my way?

Twelve days' vacation past, we have been working on changing our house twelve days. Today, two wood-workers left. And, there are many other work to do in coming days.

At the begin of vacation, I planed finishing  Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide onceover, but, most of it hasn't been read. There are over 40 chapters in this book, I only have read about 8 chapters.

The big feeling in these days is: where is my way?

My interest thing(hobby) and my work exists huge difference, I can't decide which one should I spend more time or heart. And, the most import thing is: my interest thing(hobby only vast my too many time on it, and can't help me to change our life better a little, but only make my family and my health bad more and more(worse and worse).

I can't decide if I should dicard this interest thing(hobby).

Where is my way?

ten day's worker vocation(工休假vacation)

I have worked over ten years, I can spend my worker vocation(vacation) from Sept 6 to Sept 15.

I don't remember I had vacation in last several years.

In these ten days, I want finish learning that Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide a time(一次onceover). And, I will bring daughter go to childgarten(幼儿园kindergarten) and back home every day.

The house will need some deployment(布置)(改动change) yet(too).

The last several days, my emotion was low. these days, I will find something make me more happy.

Write(Writing english diary is so strange for me, no enough words and enough english grammar knowledge to express my meaning.

Is writing english diary a proper thing for me? I doubt(怀疑)。

Don't do many things at same time.(Aug 26~Sept 1 ,2006)

Every one should do a or a few most import things at same time.

Last week, the first three days was cool and maked all of us comfortable, but, it got hot in next days. The temperature(气温air temperature) is about 39. It will last to Sept 6 according to the wheather forcast(天气预报weather forecast).

I will learn Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide mainly. don't like I do in the last week.

The time doesn't wait us, we must do a thing for our main goal.

And, a man can't learn all the knowledge in the world. We should master a main technique to earn money and implement(实现) our thinking.

Today, my brother repaired our 热水器(water heater) in only 2 minutes; But, I operated on it about half day and can't repaired it before. It told me: you see, you can't master all thing in your life.

So, don't vast too many time in our limited life.

Do the most import thing every day.

last week(Aug 21~27)

After fighting on dry wheather in our organazation(organization) , we are designing for repairing our channel called "Ge Wu".

Linux learning had stepped into shell program(programming)) since last week. Emacs learning had stopped, instead of emacs, I want to learn Vim as my linux text editor. Emacs is deplomented(developed)) as a "OS" based on editor. It is too powerful, so need too many time to master it. There are seperated(seperate)) programs can finish it's function very well.

For entirement(娱乐entertainment), it's not linux.

Last week, my computer's windows2000 was controled(controlled) by virsus(病毒virus). After doing some scan and clear operations, it can't work normally yet. These two days, I want move all the things into linux OS. But, I faild(failed).

Linux is Linux, it's not for (娱乐entertainment). Like playing online game, seeing online film, nice online chat, all these things are so hard to get on linux. Linux is a nice OS, but only for work. I am no interesting for entirement(娱乐entertainment) above, but, my family need them. Maybe, I can spend many time to resolve most questions above, but, I won't to try these affort. If my family can't abey(忍受abear) this, I have to re-install windows for them.

Microsoft is too power and success, especially on the desktop area, every company(too many companies) which service for most common people are controlled by Microsoft.

Can linux be a (对手rival of windows) on the desktop area? too difficult, I think so.

last week(Aug 12~18, 2006)

1.Irrigating for fighting dry wheather ended at last Friday. Most of my fellows which participating in the irrigating mission  came back from countryside. The dry and hot wheather is continuing. But we can feel a little cool in the morning. Maybe, the good thing is coming?

2.My k6-2 475 CPU was gone. And, with my mistake, it's mvp3 mainboard was also destroyed.

3.Listening 900 english sentences was going on. Now is listening part D.

4.Remove Ubuntu linux 6.0.6 from the p4 computer in company, and replace it with redhat linux9.0, the main reason for this is computer is old and I felt ubuntu isn't appropriate for me although it is a good new linux distribution. The best for others maybe isn't a best for me.

5.职称考试 register will begin at the end of Sept.

summary for last week

A week past, I need thinking about it.

The dry weather is still dry, everyone involed the mission of fighting on dry weather. for me, I have gone to the channel with other comrades three times, it was at evening in two times.

The most time for me was being spent on solving linux config problem. I have solved the problem of seting a chinese enviroment in console mode under ubuntu 6.0.6 linux last week.

Learning just like reading novies(小说,错误!应该为:novel) for me, it's a fun thing? maybe.

But, I found I haven't learnt english sometime, I don't thing I should discard learning it. On the other side, I am going to face the English testing for 职称评定。

Maybe, listening 900 english sentenses is a way for me? I can't find any other way that I am interesting it. Or, translating some articles related to computer program technique?

I can't see the way of future, Progressing with my feel, learning some interesting things, looking for some works to do, it's the current status of mine.

Don't worry any thing about future,  a way is alway lie there, along it, go...

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