Use it!

  Last week,a friend in our LearnDiary Developing Group told me the key of learning english is two words:USE IT!I think it is right.

  So,from then on,I will try to write the most of my diary in english.And,I wish my friend in the LDDG communicate each other in english,email or our website.

  Last week,I listened sevral text of new concept english.but there are many text I havn't listened clearly.I should listen every word clear in the text,It approach my goal only in this way.

the summary of learning <>

  This week,I have learned chapter 7-10 of this book,this is the second time  learning it.

  There are four typies of diagram in OO analysis.They are class diagram,use-case diagram,interaction diagram(sequence diagram or collaboration diagram),state diagram.

  I have a question is if struts class should be imported in at this phase.I learned a book there is a seqence diagram,it includes struts class.But,I think,we should know what should we do in the analysis phase.the result should be used in any oop design,for,I think struts class shouldn't be imported at this time,but design phase.

  The state diagram is used to create method in a class.But I don't know it clearly.

  After analysis phase,We should choose a plan according with the environment and post it to the manage department.

  In design phase,the package diagram is used to dividing sub this phase,We should use state diagram to write pseudocode of a method's logic of a class.

  The most valuable knowledge come from chapter 10--datebase design for me.especially oodb.The ability of OODB is exciting for me.It can support self definition data type and inheritance and other new charactor that relation db can't support.I should learn it later.

  In our LD project,We should use another db type it between relation db and oo db called hybrid object-relational DBMS.

  In hybrid object-relational DBMS,if there are several child class for a parent class. the child class can be processed in two is using a table that represent a super set of all these class,another is every child class is a table and the key of this table is outer-key(I can't understand it).

Floodwater towards heaven

  Corse,corse,40000;water,water,30 metres;no blood,no blood,only sadness...What an image!the tsunami in these days happening at seral countries beside the Indian Ocean. I want to cry!

  What can I do when if I faced the water it's 30 metres high?What?Nothing!I want to cry!

  40000 people have lost their lives,and a life is so helpless,a life is so 

slight!I want to cry!

  Human has been fighting nature a long time.But when we face this disaster,why we lost so many lives of our friends in a world?why?

  I think,if existed a network of preventing disaster like this:there are many detector at the ocean floor to detect the activity of the earth quake,It can broadcast the danger to all people who can be harmed as quickly as it can,we will don't lost so many lives.

  But,why there isn't a network like this?I don't know.

  What can we do now?what can the member of LDDG do now?If we think if it's us faced this situation?

  Things we can do now is blessing and blessing,blessing our friend in a world far away from the danger...

A mind for learning english in our project

    English is very important now.I have a mind of learning english,that is two words:use it!It's told me by a friend in the LearnDiary Developing Group(LDDG).And this friend introduce a english learning method-"study english reverse method" invented by generals Zhong DaoLong.This method can be downloaded at this address:,It's need pdf reader with Simpfied Chinese Support Package which can be downloaded at this address:.I suggest the friend like me to learn and exercise this method.

  So I have a mind,it's developing a part of our project in english.For example:private message management model in our project or other model.We can analyse,design,and code this model in english.

  Another,we can communicate each other in my website in english.In this way,we can learn english by using it.Of course,we should also take some other method introduced in manual writed by generals Zhong DaoLong.

  In order to learn english,I will write some type of diary in english,for example:nurture my daughter,felling in my life,and learn jsp.

  I hope there are many friend can join the team of learning english.



























    上周开始在学习<<系统分析与设计>> 这本书的同时,学习javauml这本软件工程的电子书,为协助需求分析设计队队长J_Key的工作作准备。