DeLi Linux 0.8 Software Installation

This is the fourth diary of DeLi Linux Diaries Series, the previous is: DeLi Linux 0.8 Configuration; The next will be: DeLi Linux 0.8 Chinese Environment Configuration.

I will introduce how to install software on DeLi Linux 0.8 mainly in this diary, include Pacman packages manager, ABS source installation, transplant the softwares on DeLi Linux 0.7.2 into DeLi Linux 0.8 and common installation from source.

DeLi Linux 0.7.x series uses “deliget” tool to install binary packages from the repertory of DeLi Linux 0.7.x on internet, and borrow a “ports” source installation system from Crux. DeLi Linux 0.8 has borrowed the powerful “Pacman” package manager and “ABS” system of Arch Linux for software installation. Please “man pacman” to get the manual of pacman, or see page: Using Pacman, or the wiki page “Pacman” at Arch Linux official website. Get the manual of “ABS” system from the wiki page “ABS” of Arch Linux. But, please note, DeLi Linux 0.8 isn’t using ABS sytem of Arch Linux totally. Below, I only introduce the “ABS” style installing softwares from source on DeLi Linux 0.8.

Here is an instance of using “ABS” system to install “skipstone” web browser from source (In fact, there is skipstone binary package in repertory of DeLi Linux 0.8, you can install it with command “pacman -S skipstone”. I believe there isn’t skipstone binary package at begin, so I try to install it with “makepkg” command of DeLi Linux 0.8, it belongs to ABS system of Arch Linux.).

At first, download ports20085029.tar.gz from here;
Execute ” su ” become to root user;
Extract “ports20085029.tar.gz” into a directory (e.g., /usr/) with command “tar xfvz ports20085029.tar.gz -C /usr”;
Execute ” export ABSROOT=”/usr/ports” “;
cd /usr/ports/xtra/skipstone
makepkg -bi

Then, it will spend some time to download, compile and install “skipstone” and its dependencies packages.

Here is a tip, because DeLi Linux 0.8 is using the package management system of Arch Linux, so, if you need a software which deli has not provided, you can search and download its “PKGBUILD” file at the official website of Arch Linux, make some modifying(e.g., delete the line”arch=(i686 x86_64) ” in PKGBUILD file), then, ” makepkg -c ” to build the software. I have built i810 display card driver on DeLi Linux 0.8 in this way, see the replay by littlebat in this topic: No i810 driver…why?. Just download related software’s PKGBUILD file in turn, compile them with command ” makepkg -c “. Some software’s compiling maybe need head file you can copy it from another linux distribution (e.g., copy some needed head file *.h from ubuntu 6.06).

DeLi Linux 0.7.2 uses GTK1, but DeLi Linux 0.8 has switched to GTK2, so, some useful GTK1 software isn’t included in DeLi Linux 0.8, such as Dillo, Firefox web browser, Xmms music player, Aop game, etc.. In order to save some time for building them from source, we can transplant them from DeLi Linux 0.7.2 into DeLi Linux 0.8. I introduce the method I have used, for some friends to refer.

First, download gtk1 packages:

Extract them into “/” with root account:
tar xfvz glib1*.tgz -C /
chmod +x /install/*.sh
cd /

Transplant gkt1-1.2.10-i386-3.tgz with same way.

Second, download and transplant some gtk1 softwares in DeLi 0.7.2, for example: Dillo-i18n web browser:

Third, some notes about transplanting firefox 1.5 in deli 0.7.2

I use Firefox 1.5 included in the DeLi0.7.2 big ISO cdrom image file, the file name is firefox-, after excuting the steps above, when I execute “firefox &”, it will report such as the error “missing″, I resolved it by creating a soft link “″ which links to “″ with the command below:
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

But, I failed at tring to transplant the firefox I downloaded from DeLi Linux’s packages repertory on internet (

Note, because the firefox in DeLi Linux 0.7.2 can’t support xft font, so it isn’t nice to see chinese web page, even can’t display several chinese characters. I resolved this by using chinese bitmap font(e.g., wenquanyi bitmap chinese font), I will introduce it in the later diary for introducing chinese x window environment configuration.

If there isn’t a binary package of software you need on DeLi, for open source software, you can try to build it from source. Because DeLi Linux is using uclibc now, so, it isn’t all the open source software which can be compiled under glibc environment can build successfully under DeLi(maybe can compile successfully after patching). But, almost open source softwares can be compiled successfully. I have built some softwares below: Zhcon-0.2.6 chinese console environment, Gc-6.2, W3m-0.5.2 console web browser, Icecat-2 graphic web browser, Dillo-i18n-0.8.6 graphic web browser, i810 display card driver, etc.; Some softwares I have not compiled successfully such as: Firefox-1.5 graphic web browser, Nash open source flash player plugin, etc..

By the way, I introduce some softwares brought in DeLi Linux 0.8 below. Text editor: E3vi, Nano, Leafpad; Office: Abiword word processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet, Epdfview PDF viewer; Web browser: Lynx, Netsurf, Skipstone; Picture viewer: Gqview; Window manager: Icewm, Fluxbox; Music player: mpg123, xmms2; Video player: Vlc; File manager: Rox. Entire softwares list see:

Ok, stop writing about software installation on DeLi Linux 0.8 here. The next will be: DeLi Linux Chinese Console Environment Configuration.


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