Writing Plan of DeLi Linux Diaries Series

DeLi Linux is an international desktop light linux distribution for the old 486 to PIII computer. Its goal is to make a linux OS for the person who can’t afford a new computer or won’t discard their old computer. This is a respectable goal, of course, it a big challenge. I think, the difficulty of making such a light linux distribution isn’t less than those common distributions, even more difficult. Because, there is a precondition must be considered, that is the limited system resource.

There are some light linux distributions, but, some of them occupy not little resource, or can’t support chinese (e.g., that famous DSL). DeLi has an aim high goal just is similar to Ubuntu’s, to be a international light linux distribution, let’s everyone who speaking different language can enjoy this linux distribution customized for that old computer.

From the last version of DeLi Linux (DeLi Linux 0.7.2), I start touching this linux distribution, and translated its chinese wiki and homepage, I has being joined discussing on its forum actively, and being the moderator of DeLi Linux Chinese Forumcurrently. About one year past, I have some experience on using DeLi Linux. In order to introduce this distribution to chinese users ( of course, I will translate diaries into english for introducing it to more users), I decide make a summary of learning and using DeLi Linux from one year ago. I think, this will be beneficial to both others and myself.

Here is my writing plan (I will add its URL link after a diary be finished):

1, What is DeLi Linux? Introduce the goald, history and feature of DeLi Linux, etc. ;

2, DeLi Linux 0.8 Installation, how to install DeLi Linux 0.8, include installing from cdrom and installing from ISO file in hard disk;

3, Configure DeLi Linux , how to configure it, X Windows, net, mouse, usb flash disk, etc. ;

4, Installing Software on DeLi Linux, how to install software we need, we can install it with “pacman” command from softwares repertory, or transplant some softwares in DeLi 0.7.2 into DeLi 0.8, or build it from source;

5, Configure the Chinese Environment On DeLi Linux 0.8, how to set a console environment support chinese with softwares: Zhcon + Screen + W3m + Vim, etc. ; And, the Chinese X Window environment, how to set a satisfying chinese using environment under X Window of DeLi Linux;

I hope my diaries will be helpful for the linux fans or users, especially that linux fan or user who has old computer.


madgoat says: 21 September 2008 - 9:49 am

Your English is so good。niubility!^_^

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