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MobileMate ScreenShot MobileMate is an open source video and audio converting tool customized on Tinycore Linux, released under GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Although its initial is aimed for mobilephone video/audio converting. But it has been developing to a common video/audio converting tool for its powerful back-end open source tool Mplayer and Ffmpeg/Libav.

Release notes about recent changes, releases.

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SourceForge Page hosts the project.

Download the latest MobileMate release and source or development file.


  • It is customed on TinyCore Linux, so it is a self-booting Linux LiveCD own the special video/audio converting function;
  • It is full support English (LANG=C) and Simplified Chinese (LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8) currently, and it can be expanded to your language following clear steps;
  • Small size, only about 33M currently;
  • It can be installed onto USB, MicroSD, CD, HD or running in the virtual machine such as VMware or VirtualBox;
  • It use Bash to glue some open source tools such as MPlayer, FFmpeg(Libav), Zenity, Grep, Sed, etc., easy to modify fit your own needs;
  • You can choose Mencoder or FFmpeg(Libav) to decode video or audio file, if confirm FFmpeg can decode all the files Mencoder can, maybe drop Mencoder in the future;
  • Wizard mode for configuring and converting;
  • Based on config file;
  • Bulk converting;
  • Running several instances of tool and processing several tasks in an instance concurrently, dig the power of multicore CPU or multiprocessor machine;
  • Resume unfinished converting job;
  • And, at last, you can install other thounds of software from TinyCore Linux repository to extend your MobileMate.
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