Bug Report & Feature Request

MobieMate is in a state of perpetual development. As such, if you wish to query or report a bug, you must try with the latest release of MobieMate to confirm the issue still exists.

Where to

You must register and login into SourceForge to report a bug.

Go to Tickets to view all bugs.

Login into SourceForge and go to Create Ticket to report a bug. You can select “Bugs” or “Feature Requests” in “Ticket Type” field.

Submitting Sample Media

The developers may ask you to provide a sample media file illustrating your problem. In this case, if the sample file is too large ( > 10 megabytes), cut it down to size with the Unix 'dd' command:

     ''dd if=sample-file of=small-sample-file bs=1024 count=10000''

Then, you can submit this sample media as a ticket attachment when report a bug.

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